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“Andrea is a coach with a range as wide as a continent! She transformed my mindset to grow wider and wider and broke up my old reality in so many ways with her big questions and deep intuition. Always down to the point and with clarity, Andrea made me feel just bigger with growing confidence.”

Max Comuzzi

Corporate Programme Director

“I have now referred other entrepreneurial friends to Andrea and all of them have seen incredible amounts of life change thanks to the role she has played in their lives. I could not recommend her highly enough. Truly, she’s the type of person our world needs more of!”
Jessica Cudzillo

The Define School

“Everything you worked on with me played a part in getting this job, and my new life. I have been off since 11/15 traveling and enjoying my family and friends and accomplishments.”
Philline Parlan


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“Andrea is my secret weapon and super power!”

– Megan Lombardi

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There is nothing to fix!

There is nothing to fix!

Over 50% of the US population are women, roughly 160 million of us. From different paths, different ages, different cultures, but we all share something in common–our drive for change. Our growth doesn't stop when our teenage years are over, we continue to evolve...

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The Power Of Self-Transformation Is In the Questions We Ask

The Power Of Self-Transformation Is In the Questions We Ask

What do I truly want? What’s missing? When was the last time you had these types of questions in your mind? Usually when we are stuck in the wrong career, feeling lonely, a little lost, without much purpose in life–we tend to make other inquiries. Something like: What...

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A Special Super-Breed Of Humans

A Special Super-Breed Of Humans

Guest Post by Michelle Gardella author of River Story “But, Mommy,” she cries, “I can see something! I can!” It’s 2:00am and my four-year-old daughter is sitting up in bed, tears streaming down her cheeks. In the darkness she says she can see things moving, and no...

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“Each call is like a giant beam of warm sunshine on my heart. She keeps me following my path, even on the days when I would rather be grumpy on the couch with a bag of potato chips. And that’s pretty amazing!”

Michelle Gardella

Michelle Gardella, Photographer

“In September 2012 after much prodding (Like, do this now!) from my sister (also a client of Andrea’s) I decided to schedule a consultation. How on earth could I have known that this seemingly little step would be literally life changing? It’s hard to put into words how and why things have changed so much for me. What I can say with all certainty is that Andrea is the cause, the fire in my belly, the bucket of cold water that woke me up.”

Jennifer Mercer

CEO, Metazoa

“I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to initiate momentum and action in their life”
Keisha Chandler


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