Reach a higher potential while creating a fulfilling life

I’m a Master Certified Coach that helps you rediscover your life purpose and design a life based on your values and goals.

“Andrea is my secret weapon and my superpower.”

Megan Lombardi, Creator

Helping people gain clarity and create a clear picture of the life they want to create is my calling

This is what my clients have to say:

“I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to initiate momentum and action in their life.”

Keisha Chandler, WoMentoring

“I couldn’t recommend Andrea highly enough. Truly, she’s the type of person our world needs more of!”

Jessica Cudzillo, The Define School

Max Comuzzi

“It transformed my mindset to grow wider and wider, week after week.”

Max Comuzzi, IT Director


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Andrea Bahamondes - Mental Health Coach



We get busy. We get lost. We get jaded. And, somewhere along the way we no longer remember what it was like to feel inspired–to be on fire.

Why? You’re not entirely sure. All you do know is that it’s time to wake up. Shift. Rebalance.

And, you know it’s time to invest in yourself.

I help you clarify your life purpose, values, and goals and provide the necessary tools to address any personal or professional challenge and improve your stress management and work-life balance, and decrease your symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Most of my clients see improvement in as little as a couple of sessions.

Everybody needs a coach - Eric Schmidtt

“Everybody needs a coach.”

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google

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