I help you achieve higher potential while maintaining a quality of life that is fulfilling.

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“Andrea is my secret weapon and super power!”

Megan Lombardi

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One-on-One Coaching with Andrea Bahamondes

1:1 Coaching

Your voice, your freedom, your creativity awakens when you dare to invest in yourself. 1:1 coaching means the focus is solely on you. It’s about your life, your worth, and your change in the world.

Executive Coaching with Andrea Bahamondes

Executive Coaching

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with over 10 years of experience in executive coaching and leadership development. Learn more about how I can help your organization achieve success.

Bloom Executive Coaching

Enterprise Coaching (100+ employees)

I’m the Co-founder & Head Coach at Bloom, an executive coaching platform to help professionals reach a higher potential while maintaining a quality of life that is fulfilling.

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What my clients say…

“I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to initiate momentum and action in their life”
Keisha Chandler


“I have now referred other entrepreneurial friends to Andrea and all of them have seen incredible amounts of life change thanks to the role she has played in their lives. I could not recommend her highly enough. Truly, she’s the type of person our world needs more of!”
Jessica Cudzillo

The Define School

“Everything you worked on with me played a part in getting this job, and my new life. I have been off since 11/15 traveling and enjoying my family and friends and accomplishments.”
Philline Parlan


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