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I’m Andrea 👋

I’m so glad you are here!

“The richness of life is not in the answer, it’s in the foreplay of finding your truth.”

Okay, let’s do this…

I was born in Santiago, Chile under the regime of Augusto Pinochet. Today it is just an interesting fact to share when I meet people, but it does inform who you are.

Moved to Los Angeles, California at 11 years old with my parents and my brother.

And I built my life in this place, under this beautiful sun that is widely envied by everyone that doesn’t live here 😎.

I met the hubbs, had my beautiful kids, bought a tiny piece of California and a Golden Retriever. Became an entrepreneur early in life and had my first success by the age of 26.

It was a great experience, but then…

Ten years ago I made a life-changing decision. I decided to quit the corporate world and pursue a dream of freedom. For the next five years I embraced my independence and became an entrepreneur, running a successful marketing company. At the height of its success I started to experience burnout. Was this all there was? I couldn’t help but yearn for more meaning in my life. So I slowed down, unplugged from the conventional structures and patterns I’d been blindly following and set out in search of my truth, my higher calling.

What happened? My life transformed dramatically, and not by a specific event but by an intentional process of waking up to life. How did I do this? Step one was coming to terms with taking full responsibility for myself and accepting that there was no specific roadmap to follow. No one else could get me where I needed to go because at the end of the day the choice to fully engage in my personal growth was mine, and mine alone. The answers weren’t to be found outside of myself but within. After all, only I know what makes my heart dance. And so I began my journey of personal introspection and exploration. Here’s what happened as a result: I reconnected to my values, revisited my dreams, and decided to redesign my entire lifestyle.

Thus, I found my calling and my coaching practice was born.

Along the way…

  • I earned my Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP)
  • After 2,500 hours of coaching, I became a Master Certified Coach (MCC)
  • Got a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a concentration in Organizational Leadership
  • And created my evidence-based methodology to help people like you reach a higher potential while creating a fulfilling life

All this made me a regular on Univision’s morning show.

Andrea Bahamondes on Univision

And also gave me the opportunity to work with great corporate clients like Globant, Thrive Scholars, Claremont University, and the Boich Cellar to develop Wellness Programs for their workforces.

Yes, I believe in happy employees!

Andrea Bahamondes corporate coaching clients

In 2022, I founded Bloom, a Mental Health Coaching service for both individuals and businesses.

This is my private practice, I offer Mental Health Coaching and we create content, both open on my blog or the YouTube channel, and premium through my course “Intentional Happiness,” to deliver our best content and tips.

Lastly, you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, where I’m posting useful stuff all the time.

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Andrea Bahamondes featured on Univision

Take it from them…

Don’t listen to me, see what they have to say.

“Each call is like a giant beam of warm sunshine on my heart. She keeps me following my path, and that’s pretty amazing!”

-Michelle Gardella, Photographer

“Everything we worked on played a part in getting this job and my new life. I’ve been off since 11/15 traveling and enjoying my family and friends and accomplishments.”

-Philline Parlan, Attorney

Max Comuzzi

“Andrea helps clarify what is of real importance to me, and how this fuels what will actually transpire.”

-Walter Strauss, Musician

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