7 Journaling Prompts to Unleash Your Authentic Self - Andrea Bahamondes

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7 Journaling Prompts to Unleash Your Authentic Self

“Andrea asked all of the right questions and made me focus on the important things in my life.”

-Megan Lombardi, Creator

Unlock the potential of self-transformation through a carefully curated series of 7 impactful journaling prompts.

Why Journaling Prompts?

These prompts are not just questions; they are catalysts for transformation. They ignite introspection, curiosity, and motivation, empowering you to access your inner resources, cultivate insights, and unveil your true priorities.

Journaling prompts serve as a tool to foster understanding, clarify purpose, chart your course, resolve challenges, and delineate the next steps towards a more fulfilling life.

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Andrea Bahamondes is a Master Certified Coach

Andrea Bahamondes is a Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation)

Jennifer Mercer

“What I can say with all certainty is that Andrea is the cause, the fire in my belly, the bucket of cold water that woke me up.”

-Jennifer Mercer, Metazoa

Andreas Mannal

“Highly recommended to anyone who needs a lift in understanding themselves better in life, in relationships and in work.”

-Andreas Mannal, WisdomPoint

Max Comuzzi

“Always down to the point and with clarity, Andrea made me feel just bigger with growing confidence.”

-Max Comuzzi, Programme Director


Andrea Bahamondes

Over the past fifteen years, my journey has been dedicated to delving into the realms of coaching, Positive Psychology, personal transformation, the intricacies of the human mind, and a fusion of complementary practices such as emotional intelligence, diversity, sustainability, and spirituality.

I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) and am honored to be recognized as one of the few Master Certified Coaches(MCC) in the world.

As part of my commitment to the coaching community, I’ve contributed by serving on the Board of Directors for the ICF Los Angeles Chapter. Today, I proudly stand as the founder and Head Coach at Bloom, eager to continue supporting individuals on their transformative journeys.

Coaching certifications - Andrea Bahamondes

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