For many it is a turning point “A before and after experience”.  It is almost impossible to do it alone, we all need someone to share our ideas with, and someone that will empowers us in our life’s journey, especially during times of change and difficulty. Today’s fast-paced change is why coaching continues to grow dramatically. Our world is changing we need leaders to show us the way, but before we can lead we need clarity.

In my practice I use the Co-active method of coaching, which main principle is that the client is Creative, Resourceful and Whole, what does this mean? It means that you already have all your answers. You know exactly what to do, what you want and which path you wish to follow in life.  The problem is clarity, when we are blocked it is very difficult to see beyond our problems and frustrations. We step over people’s feelings, as we are unable to deal with our own.  One way to unblock yourself is through a partnering that provokes new thoughts in you and inspires creativity.

Although coaching is an empowering experience, other factors can influence the success of a coaching relationship.  Since coaching is a process that can transform your life, it is NOT a quick fix, it requires of commitment, perseverance and transparency with your self and your coach.  Most of the coaching work takes place in between sessions, what this means is that even though the professionalism and knowledge of your coach matters, what will determine your ultimate success, is YOUR desire and commitment to change and build a better life.

In my coaching session you will find a combination of rich experiences from visualization exercises, thought provoking questions that will help you spark up ideas, cleansing journaling (I call it get “Getting Naked Process“) to help you get clarity and discard thoughts that are overflowing your mind and blocking your creativity. I use my intuition as a tool that allows me to see beyond the surface and get to the core of a Life’s purpose threaten issue.
My knowledge and education in Business Communications, Leadership and Entrepreneurship add value to my coaching sessions.

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