Intentional Living: Drop some “Nos” to Make Room for More “Yes” in 2024

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Ever notice how life is this wild dance of saying yes and no?

When we’re nodding along to one thing, we’re waving goodbye to something else.

It’s like a constant juggling act of yeses and nos that can either fill up our lives or leave them kinda sparse.

So, here we are, on the brink of a new year, staring at the mountain of goals we want to conquer and wondering how to kick things off.

Trust me, if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you’re not alone.

Creating change, diving into new experiences, and summoning the courage to bid farewell to the things that no longer serve us—none of it is a walk in the park.

But here’s the thing: being intentional about what gets a “heck yes” and what gets a “nope” is a game-changer.

Picture it as your roadmap to the life you want to craft.

Now, I get it, it takes guts to say yes to what we truly desire and an extra dose of courage to kick some things to the curb, be it relationships, work, or those pesky thoughts telling us we’re not good enough.

A little over a decade ago, I found myself in a spot where I had to give a firm “no” to toxic relationships that were doing me more harm than good. And you know what happened? By slamming the door on those draining connections, I said a big, bold “yes” to relationships that were genuine, uplifting, and free of mind games.

The same goes for my career shift – saying no to self-doubt and outdated beliefs meant saying a resounding yes to a fresh start in a new field. It’s like decluttering your mental space, tossing out the thoughts that don’t vibe with your dream life, and replacing them with courage.

Week by week, I made intentional choices aligned with my values—family, learning, creativity, connection, and authenticity.

Suddenly, the Yeses and Nos became clearer. It wasn’t just about what I wanted; it was about what made me truly happy.

And you know what else? The guilt trip that used to tag along after decisions disappeared.

So, as we dive into the new year, think about this:

What do you need to say “Yes” to gracefully bid adieu to the stuff that no longer screams “You”?

What deserves a solid “No” to make way for a big bold “Yes” to your dream life?

Remember, life is a series of choices—those small, everyday decisions that shape our journey.

Here’s to kicking off the year with a bang and creating the kick-ass life you’ve always wanted!

🚀 Cheers to intentional living and a fabulous beginning! 💫

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