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The Tiny but Mighty Guide to Self-Discovery

We all possess an inner knowing. By empowering yourself to ask the right questions, you will delve into the inner world of your truth, where a wealth of wisdom awaits.

This tiny but mighty guide does not contain any answers outside of yourself, solely 25 mighty questions to help begin your exploration to happiness and life purpose.

My wish for you is to give yourself a little break, with a cup of tea or your fav Rosé, no outside distractions, just YOU time, and remember the richness of life it’s not in the answer, it’s in the foreplay of finding your truth. So there is no rush to have an answer, or to get through the book, take it one question at a time, embrace silence and not knowing, have fun, relax, sit with a question at a time, for a week, a month… let it simmer, trust in the process and the magic will begin.

“In September 2012 after much prodding (Like, do this now!) from my sister (also a client of Andrea’s) I decided to schedule a consultation. How on earth could I have known that this seemingly little step would be literally life changing? It’s hard to put into words how and why things have changed so much for me. What I can say with all certainty is that Andrea is the cause, the fire in my belly, the bucket of cold water that woke me up.”

Jennifer Appleton

VP of Operations & Finance, Dream Factory

“I highly recommend Andrea to anyone looking to initiate momentum and action in their life”
Keisha Chandler


“Everything you worked on with me played a part in getting this job, and my new life. I have been off since 11/15 traveling and enjoying my family and friends and accomplishments.”
Philline Parlan


“I have now referred other entrepreneurial friends to Andrea and all of them have seen incredible amounts of life change thanks to the role she has played in their lives. I could not recommend her highly enough. Truly, she’s the type of person our world needs more of!”
Jessica Cudzillo

Founder, The Define School