Besides Getting Distracted By Shiny Objects…

I usually try to fill up my day with things I love, while my husband fights hopelessly for simplicity.

I am a Life Coach

I coach people on finding their essence and balance in life. Tuesdays are my Free life coaching days, if you are lucky you can catch me. I help entrepreneurs build businesses from scratch as their personal coach. I empower others to follow their passion and make a living out of what they love! My clients are all over the U.S., Canada, Latin America, and for some awesome clients I am their own personal life coach in Los Angeles.

“In order to lead, you must first learn to be lead.”

Life Coaching for some is a foreign world and for those who have already experienced it–has been a turning point–one of the most successful ways to reach goals in life–especially in times of change. Leadership coaching is empowering. It is impractical to try to change and achieve things on our own, what makes a memorable and successful journey to personal development is having someone to share our ideas with, to hold us accountable, and empower us while we do so.

In my practice I use the Co-active method of coaching. What I love the most about this method, is one of the main cornerstones, “The client is Creative, Resourceful and Whole”, what does this mean? It means that you already have all your answers–you know exactly what to do, what you want, and which path you wish to follow in life. The problem is clarity, when we are blocked it is very difficult to see beyond our problems and frustrations. We step over people’s feelings, as we are unable to deal with our own. Coaching provokes new thoughts in you, inspires creativity and helps you get unblock.

In my coaching session you will find a combination of rich and new experiences from; visualization exercises, thought provoking questions, and a powerful detox process based on journaling, which helps you get clarity and discard thoughts that are overflowing your mind and blocking your creativity.

Along with the Co-active method of coaching, I bring to my practice my knowledge and education in Business Communications, Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

I Blog for Life Coaching

For me one of the most practical ways to pass on the learning and share my experience is by blogging. I give my honest opinion on things I feel are important to the world and my followers. Aside from finding a piece of my heart, and my own view on things, you will find different stories, articles, pictures and other creative stuff, which I hope will help you get a different perspective about; life, happiness, love, entrepreneurship, business and relationships.

I am all about connections, listening and authenticity! So stop by my blog and comment, it makes my day to connect with you.

I am a Leadership Coach

I have a passion for leadership. I just spent 10 amazing months being trained by one of the most recognized leadership institutes in the world. With over 200 hours in experiential leadership training, I learned is all about following your heart and getting out of your head. Trust the process. Be responsible for your impact and STAY! Don’t check out, regardless how tough the road gets. Working with “World Changers” is fuel for my heart.


My intuition takes my practice to a different dimension, I use three different levels of listening, which means I am not only limiting my life coaching to what my clients are speaking. I am able to help my clients beyond what’s on the surface, this allows me to get to the naked truth and facilitate the process for my clients to start building life lasting changes. Intuition is a gift we all have, once you learn to really listen to life, magic starts happening.


I Co-Jam at SocialMouths with Francisco helping entrepreneurs and independents creating online personal branding through social media and other tools, but more importantly, helping people follow their passion. It involves design, development, deployment and a lot of teaching. Since we work with people with a focus on their passion, life’s work or business, our advice is intended to be simple, but you can read more about it at the site.


“Andrea showed me that my thinking patterns were wrong and rewired them so that I could be more at peace with the process and natural order of things. I became more focused, driven but patient, and open to becoming what my life had intended for me as opposed to forcing myself to be what I thought would be fulfilling.” – Earl Mckayhan

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