Welcome To The{Naked}Elephant

The Naked Elephant is a vehicle to help others find their dreams and maximize the potential of leaders in personal and professional levels.  My mission is to give hope to those that are thriving for a more fulfilling life. All it takes is Passion and a little help from those who have already gone through the path.

Let me share a little story of Passion and Leadership with you. Chile (my country) is on the edge of our planet, the climate can be very extreme, Pedro de Valdivia our Founder Father, had to choose either the desert or the Andes to conquer the Chilean territory, if it hadn’t been for the experience of Diego Almagro, another Spanish Conquistador, who had already tried and failed, Pedro de Valdivia, wouldn’t of had the guidance he need it to succeed, so he followed Almagro’s advice, he took the desert, it was though, but he had insights that allowed him to realize his dream.  Like that many people have already set a path for us, their learning and experience is up in the air, ready for us to take it and serve a higher purpose.

The Naked Elephant is the bridge from our highest vision to our physical bodies. Through a thought provoking, creative and intuitive process, The Naked Elephant provides coaching, guidance, content and a powerful partnership for today’s leaders who have a passion for change and achieving their highest dreams. To find out more about my methodology and coaching session please click on the link.

“In order to lead, you must first learn to be lead”