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As a personal transformation coach I work with people in life transition, moving on to a new way of living, healthier and fully aligned with who they are. This is what I want to say:

Personal transformation is not about that grandiose entrance to a new life. It’s a gradual transformation to a new you that serves you better. Always evolving.

I rock at creating spaces for people to come, get inspired and transform their life! 

If you take a look around, you’ll notice there is a new kind of human being out there, one that is totally sustainable, creative, independent, socially responsible and freer. There are new ways of living life, there are new languages and channels of communication, there are new motivations. These are some of the things I talk about here.

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Now, if this is your first time here you’re probably asking yourself “who is Andrea?” so let me share a few things about me.

Get To Know Me

Andrea Bahamondes in Antigua, Guatemala

I founded The{Naked}Elephant back in 2009. My name is Andrea Bahamondes. I am a professional Personal Transformation Coach. I was born in Santiago Chile under the military regimen of Pinochet. Today that’s just an interesting fact to tell as part of my story but the truth is, it is part of what shaped my existence.

I have one of those sexy latin american accents and I think… If Arnold, with that horrible accent was able to govern California, I can probably change the world.

At age 11 my family decided to move to Los Angeles and I’ve been living here since then. I’m married to Francisco from SocialMouths and live with my 3 kids Frances (20), Andres (12), Sebastian (9) and Travis (my Golden Retriever).

I have more than 10 years experience in business development, mostly as an entrepreneur. Back in ’99 we started our first business venture in Satellite Television as a distributor of Directv services, three years later we had turned it into an 8 million dollar a year company and was recognized as the #1 distributor in the country for the US Hispanic market.

It was a great experience but the real learning came after…

When I started investigating a more human approach to business and life in general. For the past 5 years I dedicated myself to learn about personal transformation, the human mind and a mix of other elements from emotional intelligence, diversity, sustainability, spirituality and how to use creativity to achieve happiness, fulfillment and balance in life. The result is that I was able to re-designed my own life in a time when I felt disconnected to who I was.

Today my vehicle to pass on the learning and helping others transform their life is coaching. I work everyday with great people that are seeking change in their life.

There is a new human being out there. We are changing the world by rethinking and questioning everything from our ways of living to entire systems. We are learning to live and overcome fears, abusive lifestyles, and limiting beliefs both as individuals and as community. I am part of the evolution and you are too!

I share some provoking thoughts to help you find a path to achieve whatever you have decided to do next in your life.

If you’re interested in hiring me as your coach, send me an email and we will set up a time to talk.

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