Today I lead two different business ventures (SocialMouths.com) and a family of four.  As a woman it takes passion to lead, to change things, to grow, to fight for what is right and to speak up when everyone else is silence.

Leadership is what our world needs today. Our world is changing and the leaders of today, must have clarity on what they are being called forth on in life. No two leaders are alike.  We all bring unique gifts and visions into this world. Is about knowing yourself and how you wish to stand in this world, this is where all starts.

The main objective of my practice is to work with “World Changers”, that have felt that internal called to change, to grow, to become better leaders, and they are not sure where to start. The answer is yourself. Through coaching, intuition and a leadership alliance I intend to be the door that places leaders in the right path in life.

“No man has done it alone… Asking for help is the vital ingredient of Leadership”

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