But what is intuition? And what part does it play in life, leadership and coaching? That is what I use to ask myself.  I am 35 years old, a year ago I started asking for change and a more meaningful life, anyways how everything unfolded is kind of long, I don’t want to take too much of your time with all the details.

I have been a successful entrepreneur for almost 10 years. After finishing a leadership program from CTI, a 10-month program, 4 wonderful retreats up in Northern California near San Francisco, with a group of leaders from all over the world.  I found a hidden treasure of mine, my intuition, I’ve always been aware of my sensitivity and my ability to sense things beyond the surface. I bought Penney Pierce book “The Intuitive Way: A guide to living from inner wisdom” in the year 2000. Penney is one of the world’s leading experts on intuition and sensitivity development.  The book never made much sense to me, until one month ago after coming back from my last retreat.  The book almost jumped off the bookshelf, this time I couldn’t ignore. My intuition has taking my practice to a different dimension, I use three different levels of listening, which means I am not only limiting my coaching to what my clients are speaking. I am able to help my clients beyond what’s on the surface, this allows me to get to the naked truth and facilitate the process for my clients to start building life lasting changes.

I continue to develop myself as an intuitive empath.  This is my passion helping others reach their dreams, beyond what is humanly possible.

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