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Getting Naked Coaching

Are you longing for purpose in what you do? I work with socially responsible entrepreneurs and creative people looking to make a difference in the world.

My clients are hungry for change. Smart, sexy, achievers questioning what’s next? and how they can start creating a difference in the lives of others.

Getting {Naked} Coaching Sessions will give you one-on-one personal sessions. Through a thought provoking and creative process we will explore and get curious on what’s next for you.

I will share with you proven steps to help you develop introspection and self-awareness. At the end of each session you will be left with tools, insights, and actions that can start transforming your life immediately.

My coaching sessions will help you increase your ability to pursue your highest dreams and passions.

*All “Getting Naked” Coaching Sessions include a large Moleskine® Legendary Red Notebook Journal {Journaling is one the most powerful ways to achieve clarity, I will show you how}

  • One month of “Getting {Naked} Coaching Sessions”:  4 weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions once a week – $299
  • Two months of “Getting {Naked} Coaching Sessions”: 8 weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions once a week – $598
  • Three months of “Getting {Naked} Coaching Sessions”: 12 weekly 60 minutes coaching sessions once a week – $699 (best value)

    • Personal Growth
    • Better health
    • Finding creative ways of making a living
    • Silence and inner wisdom
    • Fulfilling and Balance life
    • Change
    • Clarity
  • Warning: It is transformational!


I love the world and the way it connects us to the right people, place and things when we need it. Andrea showed up in my life at a time when it was either break-down or break-through.
Her light ignited mine and well, she’s changed my life for which I’ll be eternally gratefully. ~ jodi renée Calgary, AB   Canada

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“Andrea is an amazing woman with a wonderful gift. She transformed my work with WisdomPoint in the necessary increment through the sharing of her essence beyond any words or instructions, just by being a calm and present mirror, so I could find myself in my own authentic work and person. I spend a lot of money for seminars and trainings before, and have met many people, what she did for me is truly priceless. She is definitely a coach that makes a difference. Highly recommendable to anyone who truly needs a lift in understanding themselves better in their life, in their relationships, and in their work.” – Andreas Mannal {WisdomPoint}

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