Complimentary Coaching Session (This Week Only)

This week (may 19th to 25th) is “International Coaching Week”, an annual global celebration of the Coaching profession.

During this week, I am offering complimentary coaching sessions for women going through a life transition.

We all experience change throughout our lives. We might change careers, move to a different city, go back to school. All these situations create change in our lives.

During these moments of change, many people ignore that something deep begins to move inside. There is a call for self-reflection and re-orientation. Without acknowledging the psychological part of the change, you end up with just a rearrangement of “stuff”, and the change becomes a frustration!

So, this week, in honor of International Coaching Week, I want to give you, or someone you know, the opportunity to dive deeper into your life, to take a pause, and consciously create whatever is next.

To sign up simply fill out the form below, and I will contact you with the best time for our session.

There are very limited spots available!

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