{This is a word cloud made of what came out of our meeting and my individual brainstorming. Once I get yours, I will add them into the mix.}

I’ve had an amazing time brainstorming on what “we” will look like.

Listening to both of you yesterday gave me a taste of how sexy, smart and irresistible we can become as an organization.

These thoughts led me to the following ideas:

Our lives have intersected to conceive an organization that has a tremendous potential to become an icon in our industry. A Rock Star!

Why? An organization becomes a personality of its own. Based on the values, assets and ideals of its leaders. It becomes a breathing thing. That either people love or hate.

A good example of this is: Apple, Zappos, Toms, Ben and Jerry, etc. Everyone wants to follow them, they not only have customers they have fans.

I can see how together we become powerful and indispensable to other organizations.

Is kind of giving birth to a son or daughter that has the best of each parent.

Our organization is: Smart, Emotional Intelligent, Sexy, Passionate, Confident, bold, sophisticated, attractive, daring, fun, a true leader that everyone wants to hang around. With excellent communication skills and a Commitment to excellence.

We are an essential part to the growth of any organization.

In every contact we make people can perceive our essence.

What is conceived when three remarkable, intelligent and passionate leaders come together?


Igniting creativity, innovative thinking and leadership

The cow symbolizes: Female power, Abundance, Potential, Beginnings.

Woo: To seek to persuade (a person, group, etc.)

This is my revolutionary creative Frankenstein style thinking. I trust together we will be able to polish the best of our imagination and come up with a final name.

Hope to hear back from you guys soon.