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Welcome to The{Naked}Elephant, my name is Andrea Bahamondes I’m the founder. Here is a little info about me…

I’m 35 years old. Originally from Santiago, Chile (with a nice sexy accent–you know what I think, if Arnold was able to govern California, I should be able to take over the world without a problem) and  living in Los Angeles, California with Francisco (Husband), Frances, Andres and Sebastian (Kids) and Travis (Golden Retriever).

I have over 10 years experience as an entrepreneur and VP of Business Development. I took my business from a start-up to over $8M in revenue by the fifth year. Have been awarded Elite National Hispanic dealer by DIRECTV 2 years in a row. I am not a veteran coach, my work experience so far has been in building a profitable, healthy business and making solid human relations. I value people. It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I decided to re-invent myself and become a ground-breaking Personal Coach. I have been trained by a state of the art  in leadership and coaching. I have also received training in Emotional Intelligence and Diversity by Jorge Cherbosque, Ph.D. and Lee Gardenswartz, Ph.D. founders of EID. Learning is my fuel, I have self-directed studies in entrepreneurship, Philosophy, Humanity and one of my favorites Psychology, in which I am now working towards my Master. I sit on the Board of the International Coach Federation, Los Angeles Chapter {ICF-LA}.

I love building stuff from scratch. As a little girl I didn’t enjoy dolls that much; my fascination was to play make believe. Some of my little pleasures I can’t live without include: acting classes, Flamenco, gardening, a little painting, a little Yoga, and cracking up with my kids. I don’t just speak perfect Spanish–I love it.

Andrea & SebastianI value diversity and intercultural relations. In today’s world is just stupid to think we hold the truth–just because is what we know. The world is made out of so many different cultures, and my plan is to get to know my playground {The World} much better. I see a lot of traveling in the near future.

My passion is to pass on my learning to people that want to sustain themselves doing what they love.  One of my favorite things is allowing myself to be, to get curious, and try new things, but more important is helping others reach their fullest potential..

Yes, I can talk about accomplishments, diplomas and business experience, but is far from being the reason of who I am today.  I believe that my mistakes, experiences, and love have been the key ingredients that have define me as a person; they have taught me how to be a better leader, coach, public speaker, artist, entrepreneur, wife, mom, sister, friend and person.

My biggest joy is to help people make a difference in their world!

Are you ready to launch your awesomeness?

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“It’s all about the training with Andrea. She has made a lasting impression on my quality of life. I discovered hidden talents, power and more freedom. She is dedicated to helping others who are looking for more passion, drive, purpose, clarity, health and strength through empowerment. I practice her coaching methods and apply them to my daily initiatives inspiring to impact myself, community, work, society and world. It’s changed my direction. I understand now how to unlock my success and how to create it.” – Debbie Castillo

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