How to Overcome Fear


Let’s begin with this:

There is a potential for everyone to achieve greatness, to stand out in our specific niche and to do anything we set our hearts to achieve.

But within this surging need, a pinch of doubt lingers in our subconscious, slowly crawling towards our confidence. Doubt is a parasite that grows if we feed it, most times we do so subconsciously. We begin to question our own abilities, to query our confidence, shudder at the task ahead, our esteem wavers on a thread and our doubt overwhelms us.

This is when some of us resort to giving vague excuses for our shortcomings, we begin to convince ourselves that we can’t do it.

“I don’t think I can do this”

“Maybe it’s a great idea but it’s probably stupid to attempt”

“What if I fail?”

So many times, we have seen ourselves in similar positions, scampering on the edge of fear, victimizing our own self in the confines of our doubt.

Warning: The victim’s mindset dilutes the human potential, by making yourself the victim and not the master of your circumstance.

Our ability to achieve a life-defining success rests in our capabilities to overcome fear. Trust in our own strength and value our opinion about ourselves more than the opinions others hold of us.

I know some quite remarkable entrepreneurs who want to become more than they are, who want to change the world and impact the lives of others. But in this hopeful drive, I have always seen the fears especially of failure, the pinching bothers over what others might think.

It takes a well-grounded resolve to make decisions that compels you to push to impact the world. It can be an overwhelming task but with utmost faithfulness and consistency to your dreams, positive results will begin to manifest.

Steve Tobak points out fear, priorities and bad advice, as the fundamental reasons people do not follow up on their dreams or pursue a business model they envisioned or want.

In a survey paper by Quartz media, data shows that only 30% of people end up with the careers they envisioned for themselves as kids.

The leading cause of this is not lack of talent but subsequent doubt and rationality of feasibility that creeps in with the years.

Before you let go of your dreams or business idea, let’s explore the chances or possibility of it manifesting by learning to overcome your fears.

In a study regarding fear, Ralf C. Buckley asserted that “fear must be faced, assessed and overcome in order to act” 

Step 1 – FACE IT

First, let’s identify and admit your fears by externalizing them. Get your journal out and chose a question from the list below. I want you to journal for at least 20 minutes about what comes up as you answer the question. If you have your own question, bring it on!

  • What are people going to think?
  • I don’t think is good enough
  • No one cares
  • I’m too old to try
  • What if I fail?
  • I lack the education or creativity
  • I don’t have enough money

Step 2 – ASSESS

Second, once you have identified your fears, you must build your courage around the narrative your fears have in your life. So, let’s sharpen that pencil, and journal for another 20 minutes on assessing the fears from a new perspective. This time ask how likely is for this fear to happen and if it happens what’s your plan to overcome it? Use the examples below to help you.

  • It’s possible that some people might think I’m crazy. So what?
  • If my idea is not good enough. What is the learning opportunity here?
  • No one cares. Am I targeting the right audience or market? What kind of people will find value on this?
  • I’m too old. Lisa Gable founder of Strap-Mate was almost 70 when she launched her business.There you have it. I knocked this one out for you. You are never too old. 
  • What are the possible ways I can fail? How do I usually overcome obstacles?
  • What skills do I have to succeed? What other skills can I learn?
  • How much money do I need to launch my idea? What are some ways I can raise the capital?


By now we can all agree that courage is not the absence of fear, courage is the over-willingness to get the bull by its horns and do it anyway (even the days when the only thing you want is to walk in sweats around the kitchen and not see anyone). 

Now that you took care of the first steps (facing it and assessing it), the next step is to engage in ACTION so, begin to overcome fear by committing to smalls steps that came up during step 2 (ASSESS) of your journaling session and start to move the needle towards solid accomplishments. Even if it’s an inch! I know you are probably going to hear that voice again “it’s not the right time, what if I fail, what if I do it wrong, maybe tomorrow, who cares no one is looking.”

The key here is to overcome that voice and take action. Then magic happens, everything aligns, trumpets sound, confetti falls from the sky and you will most likely accomplish what you didn’t even think was possible. So, ignore the voice and push through!

All great success took small steps of courage. – Andrea

If you need to lean in I’m always an email away. Don’t get stuck for too long!



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