Why we're giving away a book that might make you uncomfortable

I can see it now, you’re either going to hate me or you’re going to thank me.

I think I just wrote the most uncomfortable book ever.

Why? Well… this is not exactly a “how-to” book. In fact, if you look at it from the same perspective you look at all other books, which is to learn something or get specific answers, you are going to be frustrated.

The book is merely a tool. You are the one with the juicy content. You are the best seller.

I am inviting you to go behind a locked door, to look inside yourself for answers, to tap into your wisdom.

Because the information that enters your brain when your read a post or a book is only transitory, it hardly ever has a significant impact in your life. For that reason information is just information, it gives rise to just some superficial knowing. On the other hand, a powerful question has the power to strip you down, it helps you gain powerful insights about yourself.

A learning that is unavailable anywhere else.

This book invites you to be in the question. You can read it in an hour, or you can read it in a year.

“The richness of life, is not in the answer, is in the foreplay of finding your truth”.

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