Why Not Dealing With Your Past Might Be Keeping You Lost In Time


I have witness people breakdown from childhood and adolescent traumas. When someone died, left you or hurt you. That doesn’t get washed away that easy.

Many of us often feel we have the potential to do more–and many of us also feel there is something holding us back.

We know the number one reason people don’t reach their life goals or complete the important projects is taking action, and we know the reason for not taking action is fear. How events in our past recorded in our mind have a bigger will than our dreams.

They have the power to limit our potential and they hold the key to a powerful liberation. It’s not easy to look back. But when do, we face the truth.

You open the wound with courage, and determination to move forward. You deal with whatever you need to deal with. Be it a conversation with a parent, a sister, a brother, or yourself. You stay in the darkness, in the hole, with the intention of a warrior–to give death to whatever is in the way. Because you have a purpose. You are going back for the sake of the impact you want to make in the world. The story you want to tell.

You need to do this type of healing at one point in your life–If you are feeling angry, if things are not working as planned, if you keep hitting the same wall, if you keep making the same mistake. If any of this resonates it’s probably time to summon courage and look at the past. End with the story not supporting your growth and move on.

Here is a tool that helped me get out of the emotional sabotage I got stuck at the end of the year. Things were really not rolling for me. I was stuck, everything that came my way irritated me. Of course my first instinct was to say “what!?” I have done enough work on myself already, where is this coming from? As a professional coach I have worked a lot on getting rid off the emotional weight  that does not help. But personal growth is a journey, is a life commitment, and this usually happens to anyone that is awake–moving towards their dreams. I had set some exciting and terrifying goals for me this years (I shared this in a previous post), and it was time to clean house again.

Moving to the next level means killing the ogre who holds the key.

My friend and colleague Joanne Del Core does distance healing with a method call Emotion Code. This type of work is similar to Reiki. She taps into your emotional blocks while you rest in your bed or couch for an hour. After the session you receive the results by email, and you get an hour of coaching.

These are the things that she found and released:

Notice the trapped emotion from age 12. I came to this country when I was 11, I have shared that it was one of the most difficult times in my life.

Frustration from age 17. I was a teenager mother. The level of frustration for not knowing what to do, feeling I had done something wrong, feeling lost. All those emotions were still trapped in me.

Shock from age 14. This was the time my parents sent me away.

All I gave Joanne was my birthdate. I was amazed at the accuracy of the dates. As the trapped emotion coincided with critical events that I have lived.

Regarding your feeling of worthless:

  1. Trapped emotion: Longing from age 7
  2. Trapped emotion: Depression, from age 12
  3. Trapped emotion: Frustration, from age 17
  4. Trapped emotion: Depression, from age 17
  5. Trapped emotion: Taken for granted, from age 8
  6. Trapped emotion: Indecisiveness, from age 7
  7. Trapped emotion: Panic, from age 7
  8. Trapped emotion: Taken for granted, from age 8
  9. Trapped emotion: Worthless, from age 6
  10. Trapped emotion: Depression, from age 7
  11. Trapped emotion: Panic, from age 17
  12. Emotional resonance (when your body “rings” with an emotion”): Frustration, from age 6
  13. Emotional resonance: Shock, from age 14
  14. Emotional resonance: Shock, from age 8
  15. Mental energy: no will to live energy (sometimes live overwhelms us and we lose the desire to live. If this happens even temporarily, the energy of this feeling can become lodged in the body, providing a continual source of imbalance)

Regarding what’s blocking you from receiving fully:

  1. Emotional resonance: Shock, from age 16
  2. Emotional resonance: Shock, from age 17

I wanted to look for preconceived trapped emotions in your system (they are trapped emotions that become lodged in the spirit-body prior to conception). Two types are usually seen: Fear-related about impending life on Earth and grief-related about leaving home with God:

  1. Preconceived trapped emotion: Frustration
  2. Preconceived trapped emotion: Taken for granted

The work was so liberating because I was able to nail things I had forgotten about that were getting in my way. From this point of clarity I was able to take action and deal with outstanding conversations I had with myself and the people involved.

This is just one way of clearing the past. There are many tools and professionals that can help you ge “naked” to the core of your feelings. Here is a link to Joanne’s site if you are interested in learning more. I offer this tool to my clients. I have the sensitivity to realize when a person is feeling trapped. It shows in the way they talk and in the session the same issue comes up over and over again. When feelings are begging to be released, they are usually very stubborn.

I feel much better now. Much lighter.  The biggest gift is that I have clarity and clarity gives me power over the issue.



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