Who are you? Despite all the unfortunate events in your life. Because if I see you today, perhaps all I see is your smile and somehow perfect life. But I cannot see your wounds. The ones you hide deep inside, nor can you see mine. You can’t see how much I suffered when I came to this country when I was 11 years old. You can’t see the fear I felt the first time someone threatened to hit me in school because I didn’t belong. You can’t see my mournful heart when my father told me I didn’t exist. You can’t see any of that…for some crazy reason all you see is me and who I chose to be.

We all carry a backpack of hard times. What makes us special is that we have the free will to choose what we give to others. We all have the possibility to heal our past, be our best, and find gratitude in the shitty times =).

What you can do…

  • Grab your journal and write down everything that needs to come out. Don’t worry about grammar! just let it all out. Even drawing, or doodles will do the job.
  • Take a long walk in nature and cry it all out
  • Once you forgive yourself  make yourself a cup of tea, and find the time to forgive those who left a nasty mark

This is one of  the best gifts you can give yourself for the new era.

Feel free to share what works for you when you have to heal those nasty wounds.


Photo by: abhiomkar