I have no way of knowing what your path has been so far, but if you are here I am going to make a quick guess that you are in a searching mode. Looking for new ways of living. Aligning with your values and a vision of a better world seems to be your quest.

I can feel the pains of your past, the frustration for what went wrong. I can hear the stories that no longer serve you.

You have a choice, as long as you become aware of the story holding you back, you can re-create it. So let’s start co-creating a new reality. It is your choice and this is the time. We are giving birth to a new way of existing and I urge you to get rid of limiting beliefs, this is the time to let go of the fears, and step forward with full consciousness to a new world. In December 21-21 we will give birth to a new era, we will experience a shift in paradigms.

It is important to merge in consciousness and find help in community. Join me this coming Tuesday on a Free Telecall at 7pm-8pm PST in a conversation about what’s next in your life?

Send me an email at andrea@thenakedelephant.net to receive the conference number.