“I noticed that many times in my life, I don’t speak truthfully, I sound too scared to say what I really want from life…”

This was written in my journal in May 2008. As you can tell my mind was doing all possible to keep me from the pain of not belonging, of doing the wrong thing for others. It takes self “whateverness” to shine your true light, we hesitate because we feel we are not good enough, or that no one cares. We want to save ourselves from the pain of absurdness.

The problem with this mindset is that it drains us, life is miserable when we can’t express ourselves creatively. Every time we put a leash on our creative power, we seclude our gifts to ourselves, and that’s painful because it is selfish.

Unleashing your creativity takes courage, if you don’t let go of the thought “What will people think of me?” the world will never get to enjoy your light.

Here is a solution I am inviting you to try. This exercise was a life saver for my creativity a couple of years ago:

Take yourself on an “Artist Date.” There are a couple of rules: you must go ALONE, and you do not get to run ANY errands on that time.

Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way,” refers to this exercise as “Filling in Your Creative Well.” In this date you get to unleash your creativity, with no judgments, do whatever your heart desires, go to an art gallery, take a painting workshop, go to the art store buy a blank canvas, colors, and go back home to paint your soul out, write poetry, make jewelry, or do as I did in the video below, create the short film you have been holding back.

There is nothing better in life than to honor your creative space, you will feel relaxed, happier, and connected to your essence.

Enjoy my absurd video. I went out on my Artist Date, with my flip camera and recorded my journey, from the time I left the house, to finding a cool coffee place in downtown L.A. in the Artist District area. I filmed myself having dessert and coffee through the glass window. I went back home and edited based on the feeling of my experience–it was a dream. Doing it seemed absurd and meaningless to the rest of the world, but I can’t express how much freedom it gave me. From that Artist Date, great ideas were born for my business.

Please share your Artist Date with me, I find them inspiring.