Pausing for Life TransitionsBe amaze and pause.

I have gone through three major life transitions in the 38 years of my life, and the three left me frozen, with a puzzled tilted head, and a mouth wide open!

The first was when I came to U.S.  I was 11, uff!! what a contrast with Chile, I felt so out of place here. Then I got pregnant at 17 and gave birth to my beautiful daughter, and at 35 I decided to shake things up even more and closed a million dollar business to find purpose in my life. Life transitions are inevitable. Some conscious, some not, some by choice, some not. You quit your job, get divorce, move to a different town, someone dies, you get fired or tired of the same…and there you are, hanging by the string of your uncertainties, not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to get there.

Instead of holding your head down, look at your life with wonder, because THERE IS NOWHERE TO GO!!! Not yet.

Stay there, in that moment, suck it all in, all your fears, your dreams, your questions, like a vacuum, and let it simmer, RELAX!! and enjoy every breathe, every sip of the moment, there is absolutely nothing more delicious than a life transition if you know how to PAUSE…

Photo by: pynomoscato