The pink, the red, and the air smelling like chocolate and roses make it hard to look the other way when it’s Valentine’s day. I tried to stay away from turning it into a commercial event though, that ruins it for me. We have a million ways to show our love without spending much. So here is a quick reminder of what you can do to celebrate the immensity of love in your life without hitting the mall.

First take time to acknowledge all the people that bring love your way by lighting up a candle, and making a list of those you love.

Once you are done with the list bring each one them them to mind, and connect to the moment they made you feel loved. You are going to experience a lift of joy, record the sensation and remember to bring it back every time you feel disconnected to them. Return the favor on Valentine’s day by sending them a note or giving them a call.

10 Organic Loving Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Call your mother, father, grandma or grandpa. Set up a time to have lunch or coffee with them in the coming weeks, and celebrate their love by dedicating time to be with them.
  2. Make a homemade meal for your family, pay attention to the details and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  3. Kiss your partner on the neck by surprise, really, when was the last time you did this?
  4. Take your pet for a long walk or hiking trip. Make sure he feels your love and gratitude for who he is in your life.
  5. Call a cousin or a family member and bring back childhood memories together, laugh and reconnect with the past in appreciation for each other.
  6. Call a close friend and make time for tea or coffee in your backyard, hug each other and feel the friendship in your skin.
  7. Make love!
  8. Eat artichokes in bed with your partner, watching a movie. Make sure you light up the room with candles
  9. Have noodles under the moon with your friends and share memories
  10. Cuddle with your kids and let them know how much you love them
It’s easy to forget how easy it is to give raw, unwrapped love…my wish to you is that you love yourself and those around you everyday, without hesitation or the need to be more than who you are, and that everytime you want to reach out to someone you love you make it a priority in your day. Building up a library of loving memories can be as valuable as making contributions to your 401K.
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Picture by: Noukka Signe