Welcome to the new Naked Elephant

Hola! Welcome back. Or just… welcome!

If you are familiar with The Naked Elephant and myself, then welcome back. You’re probably wondered where I went. If you’re here for the first time, I’m happy you’re here. Thank you in both cases.

It’s not really that The Naked Elephant went away, it has always been here but it’s online front end was inactive for a while. The reason was mostly soul searching and going back to basic to redesign its structure and build a solid foundation. I have also been focused in providing my existing clients an awesome experience. But its essence remains intact and the energy behind it has just gotten stronger.

There are some changes also in the front-end, a shiny new branding and blog design. I hope you like it because I made Francisco suffer through this rebranding process like he’s never suffered before ; )

What You Can Expect From This New Naked Elephant

As the new tagline says, I hope to share some provoking thoughts to help transform your life, mostly through the blog. But I also want to exchange those thoughts for your opinions so let’s make this a conversation.

Some of the topics we discuss here are how to create sustainable change, how to turn your passion into a way of making a living, the new human business, leadership, tons of creativity, intuition and personal development in general.

If you’re interested you can sign up to get The{Naked}Elephant via email


I will also continue to offer my {naked}tuesday complimentary sessions every week for some time so if you want to jam with me on the phone for 30 minutes let me know.

My service package is hotter than ever so stop by and check it out if you want to consider hiring me as a coach.

And of course you can also connect or re-connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Again, thanks for being here. I’m very excited to have you!

Andrea Bahamondes