Whoever is telling you differently is wrong. Many people associate quitting with loosing. I don’t believe is true. Sometimes you have to quit in order to win. I had to dispatch my business 2 years ago in order to create the shift I wanted in my life. I was stuck in a very comfortable mediocre routine>>Life was about me>>. I can share with you hundreds of successful stories from people that quit their job to follow their passion and are creating ripples of positive impact in the world by inspiring others.

It is not easy. I know. But if you are having the call to quit what you are doing, it is probably becuase the world needs you to play a bigger game. Sorry to say, it’s not all about your needs.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself:

  • Who am I undeserving by staying where I am today?
  • What is the work I am being called to do in the world?
  • What talent do they need from me, that I am keeping to myself?

Make the answers your courage to quit. What is the worst than can happen? Really.