Who the heck turned me off? I imagine having a switch in my back, like a toy robot, that is turned off every time I choose to betray my nature or get “off” purpose. Ouch! what a depressing visual. It really sucks to realize we are the ones choosing to put ourselves in the off mode. What a waste of life!

Ok, enough of the petty talk. It doesn’t serve you, me or the squirrel on my backyard watching me write this post. His twitchy eyes seem to mock me by flaunting the fact that he doesn’t have an off/on switch, ” You can stop starring at me now squirrel, I got the point of trusting my nature…”Gosh! off track for a second, I told you I get distracted by shiny objects, back to my Macbook…

So, how do we turn ourselves back “On”?

If you are reading this post desperately trying to get some quick tips on how to get back “On”.  Sorry to say the pulp of the matter is actually in the process, not the outcome. Look at it this way, the process becomes as nitty-gritty as the foreplay in sex. Ok, now that I got you for a little longer let me add that living each minute in full connection with your essence as you encounter buried treasures, passions and new perspectives in life, doesn’t only serve you, it serves any mortal you become in contact with.  You transform into a 500 watts human power generator for those souls about to expire on us. Get the sense of urgency and responsibility? sorry to brake the news, but you were not place on this earth only for your sake, there is a bigger game to play here.

Go, go, go… Get connected!

If you are burning out in the midst of chaos, tedious routines and a dreary life style, retreat my darling! you must put yourself on “Neutral” for a moment. Do it now, with passion and determination…or else you are just draining your lasts drops of energy. Stop. Is absurd to keep going if you hate what your are doing. Go away for a day or two, get in touch with nature and start pondering on what matters to you in life, you will get insights that spark up meaning in your life.

Ask yourself these questions

  • What is it like to be “On” purpose?
  • When was the last time I felt “On” purpose?
  • What is being asked of me?

Do not judge your answers, acknowledge them and let your body guide you on what’s next in your life.

By Getting back “On” you are doing the entire universe, including the squirrel in my back yard a big ass favor! she just blinked her eye…