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I think it’s safe to say, that at times, in varying degrees, we all feel powerless. Life happens and we feel like we have no control. We lose our job, our spouse runs off with the UPS man (or woman), the dog dies but the guinea pig apparently has nine lives.  Have you ever sat watching the evening news and felt like you had the solutions to our country’s greatest challenges but lacked the power to be heard? How would you feel if you were told that there is one place, we’ll call it a small country, where you are the one in  charge… you make the final decisions…you are in power…

Well, today is a very exciting day in history. You have just been elected Commander in Chief of a bountiful stretch of land. Its location is miles and miles North of Helplessness and far beyond the Isle of Limitations. It’s the thriving, prosperous, booming country called “You.”

And get this… YOU’RE in charge. No, really. Okay, so first let’s get the nuts and bolts out of the way so you can be included in Wikipedia’s World Atlas.

So we need to answer a few questions…

  1. What does your flag look like? Every country needs a flag to wave.
  2. What’s your country’s motto? “In God we trust” is pretty good, but that one’s already been taken.
  3. Oh, say can you see …what your country’s seal looks like? Does it feature a bird? Maybe a puppy is more your style? What sort of symbol resonates with you?
  4. What does your anthem sound like? What feelings and thoughts does it communicate?

Okay, so these are all the different ways you can choose to represent your country. Ways that tell other countries what you stand for. Let’s dig deeper…

As Commander in Chief you will need to appoint a staff that will work with you to create a strong and powerful nation.

Some of these positions you may choose to fill yourself, others you may want to delegate…

  • Vice President. (It’s not mandatory but sometimes it’s helpful to have a running mate.)
  • Your Economic Advisor. Yes, they balance the checkbook but are they thinking about your future?
  • A Council on Environmental Quality. When was the last time you saw a doctor? Dentist? Optometrist? Let’s face it; our sight doesn’t exactly improve with age.
  • National Security Council to keep “You” safe and protected.
  • Chief of Staff? You may want to appoint that position to your calendar hanging on your refrigerator packed with plans, people and appointments you need to remember.

What are your natural resources’? Maybe it’s not minerals, forestry and fishing…perhaps its compassion, creativity and common sense.

What’s your system of measurement? Do you go by the metric system or do you measure things based on how much joy is gained by those around you?

Ah, yes…the country of “You.” You are the person in power and, like any good leader, you want use your power wisely. You may want to write some laws to keep Discipline and Responsibility from slacking off on the job. After all, you’re paying them to work for you! You may need to draw some firm boundaries around your land to protect what you’ve worked so hard to create.

Remember, you are in charge. You are Commander in Chief. And though you may not have too much power or influence over other countries – no other country has too much power or influence over you.

Good luck! Get busy! You’ve got a country to run!!

Photo by: Lima

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