From Cheese To Change

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Amanda Rogers to learn more about her click here

Mmm…Velveeta cheese. The color, texture, taste – the packaging! It was like finely aged camembert to my six year old taste buds. Today, you couldn’t pay me enough money to ingest that neon block of rubbery cheese food. So what happened? Did my taste buds develop? Mature? Or could it be that they simply…changed?

What is change? If my pallet can change, does that mean the rest of me is capable of change? You know, the other parts…the quirks, the neuroses, the way I deal with morning traffic when I haven’t yet had my coffee? No doubt we’ve all been inspired a time or two or twenty by an enlightening book, or inspiring sermon or maybe our child’s Karate Master with the soulful eyes. But what happens to that inspiration? Does it ever last? Or are we simply inspired for a brief period of time to “slip into” or “try on” a newer, fresher attitude, quality or philosophy? At the end of the day, like the designer clothes we package ourselves in, do these new skins fall to the ground as we climb back into our comfy, old, not always redeeming but certainly familiar, flannels?

For those who can pull off the transformation for awhile, how long do they have to wear this new skin before we trust the metamorphosis? At what point are we convinced that it’s the real deal and turning back is no longer an option? Does Tiger Woods need to spend the next month, year or decade living a life of integrity (enjoying French cheese, if you will) before we are convinced he has changed?  At what point will we stop digging through his trash in search of empty boxes of Velveeta?

Can people’s morals, behaviors, fundamental natures change like their sense of taste? Maybe yes, maybe no. Whose demonstration of change can we really trust? Now that is the question. I believe the answer is…our own. The only way to trust that people can make profound and lasting changes is to start with ourselves. In my own life I have set forth on a mission to change a quality that does not serve me. A tweak, if you will, on the original design. Nothing too enormous but the change could have enormous positive results.

Here’s what works for me:

  • Start and end the day by reading a few pages of something that inspires you, focuses you
  • and speaks to your goal.

    (I’m fond of: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Oprah’s Book Club, Selection 61)

  • Get a medium sized gift box. Wrap it with style (ribbons, sparkles, dried fruit…whatever gets you there.)  Place it on your desk as a reminder that what you’re doing, the goal you are trying to achieve, as uncomfortable and difficult as it may feel, is ultimately a gift you give yourself and your life.
  • Theme song. Every big moment deserves one! Remember Rocky? Find a song that makes you want to sing at the top of your lungs (or run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.) A song that captures the way you feel when you are living that change.

Give it a try. We should all take a lesson from our taste buds… some things just don’t taste so good anymore.

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Photo by: Pink Sherbet