Our bodies produce

the bodies of our children.

Our noisy minds produce

the fears of our children.

But the Tao produces

the spirit of our children.

Still the body.

Quiet the mind.

Discover the spirit.

Tap into your inner wisdom by quieting your mind. Consciously find a space during the day to shift your attention to your inner body. Sit still under the sun, on your bed, or in your favorite place at home. Stay present, don’t think, feel the moment.  Acknowledge the temperature, the colors of the room, the smells, the noise, the texture of the air, the taste of your mouth. When a thought enters your mind, acknowledge it by sending it away and bringing you attention back to all your senses. In silence journal about your feelings.

By drawing your attention once a day to what really matters in life–You. It will empower you to give the best of you to your love ones.

Reading inspired by The Parent’s Tao Te Ching: Ancient Advice for Modern Parents