Read What One Of My Latest Clients Has To Say…

“If we can ask the questions, the answer lives somewhere inside of us…”

I love the world and the way it connects us to the right people, place and things when we need it. Andrea showed up in my life at a time when it was either break-down or break-through.
Her light ignited mine and well, she’s changed my life for which I’ll be eternally gratefully.

Emanating peace, love and power, Andrea uses all three to courageously goad what is already inside of us. Her passion and intuitive ability make this a ‘natural’ process unlike any other. She doesn’t have the answers. She knows that we do.
It’s not an easy or comfortable road. She invites you to join her on a discovery to unravel what you’ve worked so hard to create. Breaking down walls that block and paralyze, conquering those limiting self-beliefs…
When you can truly get ‘naked’ with yourself, you’ll realize that it’s been YOU, standing in the way all along.
She’s confident, raw and brutally honest. If you want someone to tell you what “you want to hear”, then she’s not for you…but if you want to take a really hard look at yourself, Andrea provides the mirror that will let you see the world as you see it…
And often times, all we need is a new lens.

~ jodi renée Calgary, AB   Canada