How to shift from fear to loveGo back and think of a moment in your life you were too worried or too apprehensive to make the next move. Did you know that in that precise moment you made a Subconscious or Superconscious choice to either act by love or fear.  The Subconscious Mind contains memories of all the times in which you reacted from a survival instinct.  Our Subconscious Mind also harbors our darker side, since is the home of negative emotions. Our saboteurs voice lives here, reminding us of the times we failed, the times we were not good enough, the times we got hurt. It has been trained to ask one of its favorites questions. Who do you think you are?

When we choose to look here, our intuition will bring us guidance based on FEAR-related understanding of life. We all want to avoid any danger of failing, being ridiculed, being rejected, being belittled, etc.

The other choice Love–which lives in our Superconscious Mind. The Superconscious is known by many different names, God, Higher Power, Universal Intelligence, etc. It is divine knowledge and trust, God’s Eye View of the world. It knows how to flow and trusts the process, it is fertile, kind and empowering. Its focus in the body is in the heart and the top four Chakras. It contains full memory of all events you acted in your true nature, with full awareness of who you are in essence. All the memories throughout all time in which you acted in the name of love. It holds the potential for any conceivable outcome.

When intuition is sourced from Superconsciousness we get a direct knowing from a higher power–God, it enlighten us to fulfill our deepest yearning with trust and faith. It is a magical feeling of everything being possible and endless possibilities. Our days get full of synchronize events which remind us how rich and full our life experiences can be when we act from a place of “Amour”

So how do you choose from Fear or Love? You need to first learn to identified what is controlling your actions, is it the Subconscious Mind or your Superconscious Mind? Fortunately since one is light and the other darkness, it is very easy to tell them apart. You will also feel it in your body. Your Subconscious Mind will give you the physical feeling of being stuck and frozen, and you Superconsciousness will make you feel in flow and warm.

This exercise from the book “The Intuitive Way” by Penney Pierce a magnificent and respected intuitive empath, will allow you to observe what is influencing your feelings “Fear or Love”.

Shifting From Fear to Love

  1. Scan the left-hand column of the table. For each word, jot down the situations in your life that provoke those responses: “I become protective of myself {or another} when ________. I feel rooted in the past when ___________. I feel I can’t do___________because_______________
  2. For each situation, look at the corresponding words in the right-hand column. How could you apply the opposite trait or attitude to the situation? For example, “I blame my boss for being insensitive and never acknowledging me” might change into ” I understand my boss is under pressure from her boss–and I can forgive her for being too frantic to notice that I’m doing a good job.”
  3. If you were to apply a Superconscious perspective to the problems in your life, what would your next actions be? What might be the outcome? If you forgive your boss for being scared, maybe you’d send her a thank-you note telling her what a good job she’s doing! Maybe she’d pick you for the next challenging assignment.

If you are interested in learning how to live your life with greater efficiency, less effort, synchronicity and good luck. “The Intuitive Way A Guide to Living From Inner Wisdom”can teach you how to increase your creativity, imagination and will give you powerful insights on how to access your intuition for everyday guidance.

Photo by: eddie 07