I saw a presentation the other night on TED called: Learning from leadership’s “missing manual” by Fields Wicker-Miurin co-founder of  Leaders’ Quest. She is in search of unique worldwide leaders in rural areas, with the objective of connecting them with one another. The story was about 3 world leaders that had the drive and commitment to make a difference in their local communities. These great leaders had stepped away from what they knew, and had chosen an unfamiliar path, the “unknown” to fulfill their vision of a better world.

We tend to think that great leaders or succesful people know exactly what to do. The reality is, even the most magnificent minds in history, at some point had no idea what they were doing. All they had was the love and passion for what they believed in. The secret to success, is NOT knowing–the key is curiosity and willingness to adapt. To follow your passion, you don’t need to have the right answers. Just a disposition to look at the outside, for what is needed and then the desire to come back to your inside and change what needs to be change. You do this by:

  1. Getting curious
  2. Asking questions
  3. Finding a mentor
  4. Sharing your thoughts
  5. Listening
  6. Reading
  7. Asking for help

Once you have gather information, come back and adjust. Repeat the sames steps over and over again, and you will see how things magically start building up to what you envision. This is how great leaders lead. They don’t lead by knowing, they lead by getting people excited to help them find the answers needed to succeed in a collective yearning.

As a final thought I want you to visualize yourself at 80 years old, receiving an award for making the world a better world, and you are being asked how you did it, “Only then, you should know, the how”. For now lighten up a little, let go of knowing and start getting curious on what the world around you has to offer.

Photo by: alicepopkorn