{TNE} The Best Of 2009 Blog Challenge

It seems to me, is not about what you can do for yourself, but what you can do for others. There are some amazing people out there, people you just want to buy and keep for yourself. I am lucky to say I surround myself with people like this, it is not always like this though…I have come across some pretty manipulative, blood suckers also. Read this post I found it today “5 Behaviors of Manipulative People“, and run if you find someone like this.

…Anyways, did I ever tell you I get easily distracted by shiny objects? Best New Person Of 2009, I have many, and it wouldn’t be fair to just name one, I’ve had amazing service, awesome friendship, heart to heart advice and some dam good unconditional help. Those people live in my heart forever.

“Assistance is a sign of a friend” – Ancient Wisdom