{TNE} The Best Of 2009 Blog Challenge

Mirrors – From Eduardo Galeano

On an Interview done by ALOUD , Eduardo Suggests to President Obama to “Change the word Leadership to Friendship”…by the way if you live in L.A. become a member of ALOUD and make the time to assist some amazing live conversation from authors all over the world. Feed your brain.

The Element – From Ken Robinson

He is one of my heroes, our future is in the hands of our kids, we must change our education system, let’s show our kids to believe in the power of their imagination, let’s show them how to lead from their creativity and essence. Our world needs designers, creatives and people that thinks outside of the box, these people will lead us to a better tomorrow.

Isabel Allende Tells Tales of Passion on Ted – She is one of my favorite storytellers.

“Nice people with common sense due not make interesting characters, they only make good former spouses”- Isabel Allende on Ted.