A kiss should be sonorous. Its sound, light and prolonged, takes its rises between the tongue and the moist edge of the palate. It is produced by a movement of the tongue in the mouth and a displacement of the saliva provoked by suction.

A kiss given on the outside of the lips and accompanied with a sound like that made when calling a cat, gives no pleasure whatever. Such kiss is meant for children, or the hands. The kiss I have described above, and, which belongs to copulation, provokes a delicious voluptuousness. It is for you to learn the difference. – The perfumed Garden, translated into English by Sir Richard Burton, 1886

So the question is, how are you kissing life? Are you kissing it on the hand? or like a passionate lover, that is fully engaged in creating the most joyous moment possible? Is all about the energy you put into what you love, what will create an inspiring passionate life.

Photo by: ares