377287494_2bbd2db57d“Night fell and that familiar commotion began.  No one could see, but they all knew who caused the terrible racket.  BANG, CRASH, THUMP, over and over again.

Emma.  It must be Emma.  She loved to dance.  Day or night, Emma danced her heart away, but she was no ordinary dancer.  Emma was an elephant, a large African elephant with dreams of becoming the finest dancer ever known…”

Is your mind telling you, you will never be able to achieve what your heart longs for!

I probably have been in a position of self-doubt many times. The fear that paralyzes us is actually not the fear of failure. The thought of achieving everything that we ever imagined can be overwhelming, and prompt us to look for a more comfortable place in life, which is usually the familiar way of doing things and living life.

How do you get pass the fear, and go into action? Shut off your mind and play with the heart. The more you are in your mind, the more you get stuck in conformity, your mind wants the why’s, how’s, when’s, etc… your heart just wants you to trust and do what “feels” right for you.

Light music played and Emma leapt onto the stage, followed closely by Bertie.  They twirled around and around in a perfect duet.  Emma looked so wonderful the animals were speechless.  They waited for the most important bit, the pirouette.  Silence washed everyone when Emma took a deep breath and launched into the air.

Bertie smiled, watching his friend soaring through the air, then Emma gently floated to the ground.  No crash, bang, thump, just silence.  The animals did not know what to think.  Soon they too leapt and huge claps echoed around the barnyard…

In this story Emma trusted her heart and regardless what she “thought” of herself, she still went for her dream.

It takes guts, but it sure is possible – Andrea

Photo by: foxypar4