Let’s be honest, we are all looking for answers, sometimes the problem is not the answer. You already have all your answers. You know exactly what to do, what you want and which path you wish to follow in life. The problem is clarity, when we are blocked, it is very difficult to see beyond our problems and frustrations. We step over people’s feelings, as we are unable to deal with our own. One way to get clarity is through thought provoking questions that inspire a deeper search.

Thought provoking questions to help you get to the answer you are looking for.

  1. What do I really want to happen?
  2. What’s the real feeling, behind the excuse I keep giving myself?
  3. What am I unwilling to change? Why?
  4. What/Who keeps me from doing what I want?
  5. Am I doing this for myself or to please others?
  6. Where am I failing to look?
  7. What do I really care for in life?

Do not rush to the answer. Stay with the question, ponder and journal. Don’t judge the answer or try to manipulate it, let it come organic and raw. The answer is for you, not for anyone else to see, no need for make-up.

Once you have your answer, acknowledge the perspective it gives you. Make a choice, plan, commit and take action.