3122553022_93a3030611Did you ever think how cool it will be to give a present without having to shop for it? How beautiful and simple it is to receive a smile, a hug or a simple wild flower from someone you care for. I am aware of  how many people this holiday season are struggling due to financial hardship, I have one word for you: “Relax”, giving is not about shopping.

Here are some creative ways of giving that I hope will give you a new perspective this season:

  1. Give your best friend or family member a babysitting evening in 2010. Write it on a nice card with simple instructions on how you will like them to let you know, once they are ready to use their special babysitting gift.
  2. Give your grandmother/aunt a special tea afternoon to talk about life memories. Write the invitation and wrap it with a nice bow.
  3. Make some homemade cookies with someone you love and give them to your neighbor.
  4. Give your kids the freedom this Christmas season to choose how they wish to spend their time with you. The park, a sleep over with a couple of friends, going to the basketball court, etc… kids are happy with the simplest things. Make a photo album to keep as a memory sake.
  5. Cuddling time in a bag. Give your love one a movie ticket, a nice cozy blanket and a hot cocoa packet in a nice wrap and tell him that he can claim his cuddly night anytime.
  6. Give your mother a special walk this spring. Wrap up a flower with a note inviting her to walk with you in spring. While walking talk about life and the special memories that live in your heart.
  7. Call that someone that made a difference for you this year. Make the time to listen and get curious on how you can keep nourishing the relationship.
  8. Choose a homeless shelter near your home and donate time. Do it as a family and fill up your life with an amazing satisfaction of awareness towards the less fortunate.
  9. Give yourself a day away from everything to reflect on how your year was like, what you wish to leave behind and what your intentions are for 2010.
  10. Give your kids the promise to be fully present in their life.

I wish to end this post by saying that the art of giving is a natural gift we all have, let’s not forget its essence and simplicity by trying too hard.

Photo by: fionaandneil