Photo Credit: -DaMontana-

Photo Credit: -DaMontana-

How many times have I told myself “I am not doing this for the money”? Well, I think I need to rephrase that to “I’m doing this for the Money”. Without money I have no power to do the things I love and to live the life that I want {not really talking about luxuries}.

In order to attract money to your life you must respect it and give it the place that it deserves. You do this by facing your financial truth {assets minus liabilities}. There are many books I can recommend on the subject but I will recommend the one that personally educated me and got me financially where I wanted to be – “9 Steps To Financial Freedom” by Suze Orman.

The very first Law of Money she mentions is “Truth creates money, Lies destroy it”.

With the fascination of working on my passion, I had forgotten some of this principles. I sacrificed many of the external or material possession I had in order to re-create my life, that meant closing a business, lowering my budget and other changes I made by choice, my priority was to create a business that allowed me to do what I love. Last week I went back and looked at my expenses, to my surprise I found that much of my limited income was going to places that I had not planned or budgeted for but the point is that by facing my truth I was able to be pro-active and immediately took action and changed some of the habits that were making me spend money in the wrong areas.

Transformation was immediate. Today I start my week with a new lens on my finances and feeling much more in control of my immediate future.

So the message is this, you need to respect money but don’t be afraid of it to the point that you are not seeing your own reality.

Any thoughts?