Unfortunately we meet people every day that are completely lost in life. I am not talking about young inexperienced kids, and by the way, I’m beginning to think that the experienced ones are the kids.

I’m talking about adults that are living a life created by the circumstances and not really by following a dream, people that ended up working at a place they never imagined or just making a living to fulfill a need.

What if everybody was able to find a passion? That would not only change our lives but it would change humanity.

But we have a chain in front of us that we can break if we want to. Today we can wake up to this question and lead our kids to a search for their passion. A person’s life is affected by every single detail of the external world. Who’s around them and for how long, what are the daily activities and even something like geography can affect how they become.

But finding a passion goes inside, regardless of the external world. We as adults end up misleading them by not seeing their true talents and we end up forcing them to be part of a system that no longer seems to work for any of us. We force them into careers that have nothing to do with their passions. The result are unfulfilled, stressed and depressed adults that are very much in dislike with what they do for a living.

What a difference it makes when you are doing what you love. It changes everything. Almost all success stories, if not all, have to do with an individual finding his or her passion and creating a fulfilling life out of it. Finding a passion is not an easy task, our creative and unique human resources seemed to be buried deep inside and we must dig them out in order to discover them. By the way, one of the most effective ways of finding your lost treasures is by journaling.

Finding ones talent and being creative seems to be one of the most vital elements for the future of our humanity. It’s funny how I don’t see any of this on the school curriculum or how we as parents spend so little on the topic. We need more and more people with innovative ideas. People that help others see a different perspective, people that can show us that there is a different way to live life more organically and creative.

We need a system that celebrates failure and empowers an individual for trying out his/her own unique ideas.

I want to share this Sir Ken Robinson presentation at ALOUD, a series of lectures and discussions presented at the L.A. Public Library I attend sometimes. This presentation is called “A New View Of Human Capacity”. He’s also very funny by the way…

You can watch the whole thing on or you can also enjoy his already famous presentation at TED a couple of years ago.

Also, check out his new book “The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything”.

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Photo Credit: pareeerica