Journaling? “Who likes to write?” or “Journals are for girls!” like my 6-year old would say. Like it or not journaling is one of the most powerful ways to flush your mind of unnecessary information that weighs you down. It is a divine scuba diving journey into the deep dark seas of your soul. This is a journey only you have the leisure to take. Only you will ever be able to go or experience what you see in this journey.

It is such an intimate process that if you do not know yourself good enough or haven’t been spending much time with yourself lately, it can be very uncomfortable and awkward at the beginning. It will feel like talking to a complete stranger about your life, you will hesitate and screen for the things that will only make you look cool or make sense. With time you will build confidence, and this will become a safe place of no fear of being completely naked and true.

Let me give you a few insights that will help you get started.

  • Get in the habit of writing everyday, write to yourself or to God. Talk to him about how you feel today, what made you upset yesterday, why life is unfair or perfect. What you hate and what you love. What you wish to have or change and the things you are grateful for. There is no rule on what to write, one day you can write about how much work you have or your projects and the next about how you just want to sleep all day and forget the outside world.
  • Do it in a quite place, and in a time during the day when you will have at least half an hour with yourself alone, no cell phone, emails or texting, just you and your Journal. Light up a candle, light is always a comforting element.
  • Don’t go back to read what you wrote or to fix thoughts that came out, even if they made no sense. Unattached yourself from any desire of perfection.
  • When you come across something that excites you, make a special note or highlight it. Notice how you feel, your body, your posture, your body temperature, your thoughts and how you continue to write.
  • When you come across something that brings you down or that inner voice starts telling you you’re not good enough or this is a waste of time, notice also how you feel, your body, your posture, body temperature, your thoughts and how you continue to write.
  • By becoming aware of your reaction to certain thoughts, you will be able to start making some conscious choices on how you wish to live your life and what work or doesn’t work for you now.

Always follow your first thought, don’t correct it, first thoughts are full of energy, first thoughts have not gone through your ego filter as Natalie Goldberg wrote on her book Writing Down The Bones: Freeing The Writer Within, which broke open the world of creativity and started a revolution in the way we practice writing in this country. They are pure thoughts that descend from the core of our spirit to our mind and continue to descend as ideas and/or plans into our body for action, until this point nothing is created.

While journaling ask yourself powerful question that will give you the insights you are looking for, such as:

What do you truly want?
What about this is important to you?
What will you do and when will you do it?
What else?
What’s next?

Share your thoughts about journaling or if you use a different method, I’ll love to hear from you.