Photo by Pink Sherbet Photography

I know. This is really happening. Most of us are whining about it day and night, it’s very comforting and entertaining after all.

Some of us are looking at this as an opportunity.

I have been observing people these last few weeks and it’s amazing to see how we engage in so many things that don’t do any good to our objectives. Time is wasted everyday in senseless conversations about the economy, how this guy and that other guy lost their jobs, the Swine flu and the end of humanity or just any celebrity gossip and the Oprah kingdom arrived to Twitter.

It’s like we have all the perfect excuses to play safe, to postponed our new business idea or that career move you have been dreaming about and we share stories about people that is doing worse than us to feel better about what we’re doing.

But wait! There are people starting companies out there? Today? Who will take a risk like that? Yes there are. There are people with visions out there that recognize this situation as an opportunity and there are crazy risk takers that don’t care about it, like me.

If you think about it for a few minutes, it is a great time to launch and test your dream idea as a business. People are willing to collaborate in independent projects. You can negotiate anything from advertising rates to leasing an office space. You can start a company with a laptop and a mobile phone. You can use free marketing tools such as social networking to generate leads.

We can always sit around and think that people don’t have money and that selling your product or service will be really hard. I have news for you, I just started my company SocialMouths, a social media boutique agency, and it IS very hard, as hard as it was in 1999 when I started my first company.

Even if you are not ready to take action, you can always get a little closer to your dreams instead of engaging in all the drama been spilled around you by co-workers, friends and even TV. Sometimes I can look stupid when in a friendly conversation about these topics, I don’t know what the hell people are saying and usually stay quiet. Who cares?

The other day I was thinking about all the books that I recently read. There is a message that says that we have developed a thinking behavior that conditions who we are today, that after hundreds of repetitions of thoughts and spoken statements out to the universe, we create our reality. I wonder what’s going to happen to humanity after collectively putting all this manifested crap out there.

I know it’s hard to find some positive content to consume in a time like this. Maybe we’re not looking in the right places. Last week I read about how companies that focused on making a brand stronger during a recession time had much success for years to come while the competition was pulling the plug on budgets. I also read on Time magazine how this is a great time for web startups. Pay attention, there are people out there making wonderful things happen as you read this.

Of course I don’t know what’s going to happen next or in the following 2 years, but I can tell you that I don’t think this is going to go back to normal, the day we overcome this recession this is going to be better than it ever was…

In the meantime, start thinking that this an AWESOME time to be alive and you should be in constant chase of your dreams. The next time somebody comes to you to spill drama about our terrible situation, try to change the vibe into a positive message (you thought I was going to say “ignore it”…).

Stop whining and do something about it.