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Call it whatever you want, the thought behind the thought, listening to your soul. What I know is that your truth is inside you somewhere and if you want you can find it, no need to search out in the world.

You’re not going to get the spiritual talk from me. I love the simple language. To me it’s a matter of being real to myself. I think I’ve been wrong for 40 years (I’m 41…) until I realized that if I make a pause for a few more seconds, I could actually hear that little voice inside me, calling me forth on every thought. I just have ignored it for a long time.

I’m that guy that usually comes up with something pessimist as the first thing that comes out of my mouth, an excuse or a very good reason why a thing will not work or can’t be done, always using “buts” to start a sentence, always setting up limits.
Well, not too long ago this guy made me do an exercise where I had to write my fears about one thing, everything that holds me back from taking action on the left and then for each one of the items I had to write the reality of it on the right. I felt pretty stupid to find out that I always had a choice, and I always chose the wrong one. Why is it that the first thing we come up with is an excuse to make ourselves feel better about not even trying? We seem to love our comfort zone.

I never did that exercise again. The idea of writing a list every time I’m presented with an opportunity wasn’t very practical. Since I can see the benefits from doing this, I created my own little process, something that can actually be done in the real world.

This quick process is based on a personal tool I try to use, I call it “The Highest Me”, it’s pretty much a vision of who I want to be. This vision is very detailed; I know everything about this guy in my head. It’s my truth, so I try to match everything I do to that truth and overcome anything that holds me back. If I ignore it, what happen is that I’m allowing myself to live with those fears and someone else’s truth. Not a pretty place.

Here is my own process to constantly get reminded of my truth:

1.    The process usually gets trigger by an idea or something I have to do, a task or a project.

2.   Thought.  I get a reaction thought and almost automatically I express that reaction, it’s like my mouth has a life of its own. That’s when I need to stop and let it cook for a moment before I say a word…

3.    Dig. Acknowledge that superficial thought and see if there is something else, another thought or a feeling inside you. There is always something approving or disapproving of that reaction thought.

4.    Question. What would my “Highest Me” think, say or do? I make a decision that comes from the heart or from wherever it comes from… your soul.

5.    Do it. You automatically get the rewards for being true to yourself… You know the feeling.

I spent time in my life trying to find out who I am, but who I am has always been inside me. Today I chase who I want to be, it’s not always easy, but at least I’m not trying to lie to myself and I can always do it better next time.

You hear it all the time, be present in the moment; the past and the future do not serve you. Once in a while I like to take an intentional little trip to the past and remember the experiences, it brings me joy to see my truth.

I once spent 2 months living in a tent by the beach in Livingston, Guatemala when I was 17. Dancing to Reggae and Garifuna day and night with friends. We had to fish if we wanted to eat, and we ate fish everyday, even for breakfast. I didn’t wear shoes during the entire experience.

Yeah… that’s who I am. It’s very clear. Now it’s a matter of re-creating who I want to be, every moment.

Do you hear that little voice? What is it saying? Or am I just crazy? Comment…