icon567This week we are launching our new venture (or adventure…). It’s called SocialMouths and it is a boutique-type mini agency that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in different industries take advantage of social media.

Social media literally changed (notice how I didn’t say “it’s changing”…) the way humanity communicates and this opens a whole new form of business/client relationships. As expected, brands are launching very creative social campaigns but we see everyday that the small business sector is not fully leveraging from its potential. We intend to close that gap by consulting and implementing these strategies.

So that’s the announcement plug-in…

What we really want to communicate here is the concept of “Creating From Nothing” applied to what we did with SocialMouths. In our post “You Can Start A Company Today, Really” last week, we talked about how today you can test your business idea instead of mapping it and how to do it without losing your shirt.

So here is what we did so far, how much time and money has been put in into launching the company and how we leverage from technology:

No Phones – We use mobiles and that is what we publish. People love it when you answer the phone yourself. This adds a personal touch and has helped us build loyalty in the past.

Blog (No Website) – Even though I can put together a decent website in no time, a blog is free and it already comes with all the back-end administration that the website will not have.

No Advertising Cost – Obviously we don’t invest in conventional marketing strategies. All our efforts are based on web, social media and word-of-mouth.

No Graphic Design – I create everything from concept to publishing. Logo, company image, layouts…

No Rent – We have our home office of course, but also my good friend that owns an interactive agency from a beautiful loft 15 minutes from my house has made available for me to jam over there whenever I want (Thanks Dude!).

No Salaries – Collaboration instead. So far the only work has been in customizing the site a little and for that I know a great guy that, besides his work and school, does collabs in projects. Build your team (I’ll post something on how Andrea created and maintains a kick-ass team for everything in life).

No Accounting – Of course we need accounting but not right now, just book all transactions so your CPA doesn’t hate you later on when you show up with a shoebox full of receipts (I’ve seen this actually…).

No Legal Services – We are already protected under a corporation so when we test an idea, it first goes through a DBA (Doing Business As) stage under that corp. You can go with a sole proprietorship and move on to a corp later on. Believe me, nobody is going to sue you now…

Paperless – No need for a printer or fax if you really think about it, you can come up with a lot of alternatives that are smarter, more convenient and you are doing your share as a company to protect the Pachamama. Yeah, take it up a notch later on and become a green company.

So here it is. The idea was born at the Tea Garden in West L.A. in early march this year while journaling. We let it cook for a while and we flow with it, if it dies it dies (no attachments), but if it comes back, then we review it again, when I say the word “review” I don’t mean we do market research, I mean we look at what’s up around us and apply some common sense. Then the magic starts, creating a concept for it and building it is an orgasmic experience.

If I had to give you only one piece of advice it will be this: Build your idea from something you absolutely love and, when you think about doing it for a living, you go so far away that people have to snap their fingers to bring you back because you’ve been staring a at wall for 10 minutes… Ok, maybe that’s too much, but do something you have a passion for.

I get in a state of flow while this process, I completely forget everything else around me and have to stop myself to eat or sleep. There are other stages coming, when some of my weaknesses start showing up pretty strong, I promise to talk about them as well.

So feel free to visit us and check out what we’re building @ SocialMouths! Or follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin