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I know, sounds ironic, perhaps a little irritating.

We are all looking around in disbelief thinking “This is the United States… how can this happen”. Imagine the rest of the world.

But when I’m trying to look at the big picture from different angles, there is a side that is not all that negative. This needed to happen.

I’ll explain. This have been in my head all week and I think it was triggered by a conversation I had while sitting comfortably and drinking coffee at a Starbucks when I said “these people can’t sell a cup of coffee for $4, when did this happen?”
Well, the conversation took off from there and I ended up arguing things like how Fortune 500 companies allocate insane amounts of money on useless advertising budgets with agencies that spend those millions of dollars trying to be unique only to win awards.

But of course, that’s just guys trashing the business world like we had the solution, what do we know… Later that day I was thinking about it again and I remembered two different conversations from the previous week that I found interesting, one was with my friend Patrick about a person that was able to find a way to build a house for $20k with students from different universities after she was told by architecture firms that it was impossible, the other story was about the car Tata Motors built in India and it’s going on the market for only $2k soon.

When did we start paying what we pay today for different products and services, for a car, at a restaurant, look at how much we pay for a cup of coffee. All of a sudden I see that there are prices in the market that don’t seem fair to me. I know, the fact that we agree to pay $4 for a coffee is even worst, I still think it’s not fair.

My conclusion to all this was that maybe this needed to happen, maybe we’ll pay more attention to each other than we do to computers and mobile devices, maybe we’ll find out that we have more fun going for a hike than going to the mall. I actually believe we did this to ourselves, collectively. We needed to stop, look around and change. I actually believe this will show us all the abundance we have in our lives, regardless if we have money or not.

I’ll admit I usually spend money on the weekends to have fun with the family. Couple of things happened in the last few weeks, first our anniversary, that day we were arriving to San Francisco with Andrea (my wife) that day and what better city to go out for dinner. She said she wanted to eat at the Fisherman’s Wharf market, we ended up sitting on the sidewalk eating crab with our hands, not only it was a lot of fun, it was only $25, we had a blast. The other one was about a week ago, instead of going to the movies, which comes around $60 including snacks, we decided to go play basketball 2 blocks away from our house, didn’t spend a penny, they had a lot of fun and I got my day’s workout out of the way.

I’m feeling good about this and even though I understand a lot of people are going through some pain, I dream that humanity is moving forward and soon, we’ll be better than ever.

“All conditions are temporary. Nothing stays the same. Nothing remains static. Which way a thing changes depends on you” Conversations with God {Neale Donald Walsch}

Let me know how are you finding abundance in your life…