We decided to make our About Us page the first post on our blog, it made sense. So here is…

A little Story

In the past year our lives were transformed dramatically, not by a specific event but by a simple process of waking up to life. The process was intentional, but without a roadmap like many other things in our life. As a result, we changed our values, we revisited our dreams, found a new path and decided to redesign our entire purpose and lifestyle.

Ten years ago we escaped the corporate world to pursue a dream of freedom, a year ago we stepped out of the entrepreneurship lifestyle to once again find our truth. Three weeks ago we decided that it is fair to say that we have retired, that these formats no longer represent who we are or who we want to be in the universe.

Our new creation, The Naked Elephant, is more than a business platform, it’s our lives shared. It is a message passed on to others to inspire. It is an attempt to live life against all conventional structures and against everything we have been told on how to live it. We refuse to follow patterns, the only way for us is to design our own format and experience it.

Our life including our whole family will become an attempt to recreate life by pushing creativity on our kids, changing our eating habits, inspiring movement, seeking for independent ways of making a living, working from home, making Fridays part of the weekend, living a more simple life and focusing on the essential, becoming eco-friendly (green and blue) and so on… Our values have changed and we need to match everything we think, say and do to a higher version of ourselves. We will become agents of change to reach our purpose and share it at the same time.

Why an Elephant?

The Elephant represents so many different things. It’s a symbol of a heavy burden, thick skin and wisdom. Usually manipulated by others. What if the elephant could just lighten up a little and remove some of that harsh skin, it will move in ways it has never moved before.